Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jefferson Graham is Informative About New High-Def Cameras


In the USA TODAY article titled "Small cameras deliver big on high-definition video," writer Jefferson Graham delivers an informational article about the new appeal of handheld, digital cameras. The article begins with a summary lede, covering all of the crucial facts. The first sentence, in my opinion, is the perfect lede as it sums up the general theme of the article. Graham stays very neutral throughout the entire article, never editorializing the topic. 

It is clear that thorough research of the issue is conducted, as there are a multitude of facts and statistics about camera sales, and their projected sales. The sources that Graham uses are effective and help give credibility to his points. Almost all of his information is credited, as it should be. (exception is one statistic that he doesn't attribute to any source)

His background on last years camera sales coming to a halt and falling behind in the fourth quarter, his discussion of camera manufacturers' plans to make cameras with high-definition video capabilities, and his coverage of new, attractive features on cameras give a thorough and complete overview of the issue and help to make it understandable to readers. 

Overall, the organization and use of sources (such as Chris Chute-analyst at market tracker IDC, Chuck Westfall-Canon technical manager) and statistics allow him to effectively deliver an unbiased report on a release of new-age cameras.

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